1. Well there is this. #sign #middleofnowhere #lol #dirtyminds #pullout

  2. In a little town right outside of Yosemite National Park called Lee Vining. Neat little place. you can literally walk from one side to the other in 10 min.

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  3. No Trespassing

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  4. Sign

  5. For Rent

  6. stay off the rocks… and someone is on the rocks

  7. Butterfly sign

  8. old

  9. Could you please stay the hell of the dunes

  10. Caution..

  11. Van Ness Avenue Greeting, San Francisco. Ca

  12. Boardwalk in Indiatlantic, Florida..


  14. Muir Woods, San Fransisco

  15. Exploited!!! Love It