1. One day you will wake up and think, what have I gotten myself into?

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  2. Sam

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  3. turn off all the lights

    light a candle

    slowly find the right temperature for the tub

    find my crown for the next endless amount of time

    i let my body slip low into the water

    my ears below the water line

    the music softens

    the bass seems to find rhythm with my heart beat

    the candle joins along

    my mind gets lost and loses all doubts

    the whole world becomes nothing but the music, the light, and fluid

    self drift


    my eyes are no longer comfortable open

    my mind is no longer comfortable closed

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  4. Peacefully reading on the beach

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  6. Dirty Wax / Clean Soul

  7. peace

  8. just all nature

  9. he is content, dont you care

  10. Secret spot!