1. This is what my night consisted of! Raising hell! Getting stopped by Florida Wildlife Officers, throwing fire sparks, entertaining random people at the park, and getting sick shots with @surfjunkiejustin look out for his edits. They will be sick. #photography #longexposure #fun #friends #light #tricks #magic

  2. Boardwalk at St. Pete Beach, Fl

  3. Sea Grapes in the sun at St. Pete Beach, Fl

  4. Palm Trees

  5. my porch

  6. Oops, accidental exposure

  7. Katie had a great things following her. A lot of her long exposures had green lights around or something really odd.

  8. I met this really cool chica while camping. Her name was Katie. She was into photography too. We played around with long exposures and got talk shop. Lots of fun.

  9. Smile

  10. God

  11. ca-caw!

  12. danadanes:

    Oh nigga, wtf.

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  13. I love Florida! Paradise Everyday!

  14. Light flare through the trees

  15. Light in the trees