1. Sunset In my mirror #sun #fire #sunset #florida #sky #skyporn

  3. #fireworks #fountain #sparks #fire #color (Taken with Instagram)

  4. No effect just playing with camera

  5. #fire (Taken with instagram)

  6. Fire last night fin Viera, Florida!

  7. Fire last night!

  8. I bought some denatured alcohol last night to get some stains out of my clothes, but I got distracted by the label that said this is Extremely Flammable. I had to see how flammable it was. Come to find out it is pretty darn flammable! SUPER STOKED to play with fire last night. It got so hot we could feel the heat from 2-3 feet away. Not to mention it burnt the paint off the car port!

  9. Bon Fire!