1. cameras

  2. My style. I almost bought a 120 tlr

  3. Justin on our scary walk on to the abandoned train tracks

  4. Need to bring her back #film #camera #pentax #slr (Taken with instagram)

  5. http://lifethruthelens.tumblr.com

    My buddy James. He held that pose for far too long.

  6. Life!

  7. Yay!!!!


  8. Need help!

    I just got a camera! I got a film SLR. I am super stoked. Its an oldie but pretty sweet!

    The only thing is I am new to the SLR world. If any one can give me some useful tips on how to get the right exposure or pull certain looks off, I would greatly appreciate it. Not to mention it is a film camera. Which means I have to wait to see them, but that is kind of fun as well!

    Please HELP me!