1. Boardwalk at St. Pete Beach, Fl

  2. just a few steps to paradise

  3. the gathering

  4. Boardwalk and please don’t smoke

  5. Beach access

  6. Nature at its finest! I really loved it out there, despite being locked in.

  7. Danger…

  8. Path less taken

  9. In loving memory.

  10. Infinite Love

  11. I want to take your picture! Two men on the beach. Probably tourist.

  12. Boardwalk in Indiatlantic, Florida

  13. Pizza and Java. Boardwalk. Indiatlantic. Florida

  14. Boardwalk. Indiatlantic, Fl.

  15. This is my old street, dead ended at Peg Legs. My place was literally a block from this point. I miss grabbing my coffee and walking to watch the sun come up.