1. Snow

    Black and White

    Vernonia, OR

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  2. Fern in Black and White. Vernonia, OR

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  3. Needle in a Haystack, Cannon Beach, OR

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  4. I should not get pissed about editing a photo, but this one did!

    Black and white beach

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  5. Man and best friend

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  6. Sebastion State Park. Sebastion Inlet. Florida

  7. North Jetty. Sebastion Inlet. Florida

  8. Black and White. Florida

  9. Greg. Indiatlantic Beach. Florida

  10. Black and White. Indiatlantic Beach. Florida

  11. Hurricane Sandy. Indiatlantic Beach. Florida

  12. B&W. Lori Wilson Beach. Cocoa Beach. Florida

  13. lights

  14. Alesia

  15. Alesia and Brooke